Accessible Location

Discover Sagada’s beauty close to the comforts of Rusty Nail. This quiet respite is strategically located 1.4 kilometers from the town center, just along the public road.

Idyllic Scenery

An escape from the urban environs, Rusty Nail Inn and Café is nestled in a landscape of rolling mountains, towering pine trees and rugged wilderness.

Satiating Cuisines

Indulge your taste buds into an unforgettable culinary experience as we serve you the freshest and most sumptuous highland cookery.

Cozy Rooms

Providing complete amenities, each room reflects our remarkable dedication to rural comfort and top class service.

Outstanding Hospitality

At Rusty Nail Inn and Café, we redefine hospitality. As your host, our goal is to create memories through superb and unrelenting service.

Affordable Stay

Although our services and amenities are synonymous with luxury and glamour, Rusty Nail still offers a variety of lodgings to suit any budget.

Rusty Nail Inn Rooms and Rates


It’s my first visit in Sagada, and Rusty Nail had definitely made it memorable. In my 3-day stay, the staff was very helpful and accommodating. Aside from the unwavering hospitality, they lead me into discovering the raw beauty of Sagada. Rusty Nail is truly comfort away from home when visiting this quaint town.

Having travelled to different parts of the world, visiting Sagada is perhaps one of the most unforgettable experiences I had—all because of Rusty Nail. The rustic and idyllic ambience of this inn is paralleled with the admirable hospitality of their staff.

Booking a room with Rusty Nail and Café is definitely one of the best decisions we made when my family and I planned a vacation to Sagada. Superb accommodations, delicious food, and mesmerizing scenery. Rusty Nail completes the picture of an unforgettable retreat!



How to Get to Sagada

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10 Facts about Sagada

Getting yourself lost in Sagada is not only a feast for the eyes, it also gives you a taste of the town’s ancient culture and traditions. Like any other communities located deep into the mountains of Cordillera, Ysagadas were able to preserve the beauty and richness of their beliefs. Hence, from the hanging coffins and… Read more »

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